Bell Tower Music Pillars

About Us

Bell Tower Music — Temple University’s student-run commercial record label. It’s not a club, nor is it simply a class.

It’s a music agency based in the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication that assists student musicians and aspiring music professionals with the process of creating and marketing original music.

Student teams of producers and marketers work alongside student musicians through every step of the process: from laying down tracks in the recording studio, to promoting and monetizing their music through streaming, video,TV programs, podcasts, and live events.

We operate primarily through an undergraduate course – MSP 4687: Recording Industry Practicum.

We produce albums & EPs for Temple artists, a live in-studio music TV program, “Live from Studio G” available on our YouTube channel and broadcast by TUTV – Temple University Television, the Bell Tower Podcast, and an intimate monthly live house on campus.

The primary function of Bell Tower Music is that it provides aspiring professionals through a practicum to receive real-world experience working within the music industry.

Bell Tower Music is committed to educating students in the skills needed for them to succeed in their career aspirations.

The practicum provides opportunities to work in any department including music production & engineering,A&R, media, marketing & sales, live event coordination, and more.

Students are regarded as staff members, and thus, are provided with responsibilities and support that will help them advance industry skills necessary to succeed in their futures post-graduation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and celebrate Temple musical talent by creating and distributing music and media content featuring Temple musical artists.

Pledge of Diversity

Bell Tower Music is committed to seeking and promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the label

This includes:

  • The diversity of sound by the continuous expansion of the catalog to include a wide variety of musical genres and innovative sounds
  • The diversity of artists within the roster by featuring a range of unique artists. Bell Tower Music provides equal opportunities to any Temple student, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or educational focus.

Artist Service & Support

Bell Tower Music is committed to providing signed artists with a wide range of production and distribution resources to help them succeed and grow their passions. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Access and assistance in record production through the resources within Studio G
  • Marketing assistance from a team of media-focused students dedicated to promoting and publicizing albums post-release
  • Opportunities to be featured in live events
  • Opportunities for continued promotion in the years after an album has been released

In addition to these resources, we acknowledge artists as individuals with unique goals and passions. Bell Tower Music strives to provide support for the artist so that they may achieve success in a manner that is consistent with their personal vision.